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Chloroform fetish forum

It can be during sex, after sex or anywhere in-between. It is not a the perfectly tied well-known model with yards of rope wrapped around her body with every rope perfectly placed and a big ballgag in her mouth with a caption saying something about a robbery. How much ambient noise is there? She put a patch on her neck and pushed it tightly. Her visitor, whoever it was, deserved the full majesty of her costuming brilliance.
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Chloroform fetish forum
Chloroform fetish forum
Chloroform fetish forum
Chloroform fetish forum
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Chloro Drugged Knock-out favourites by chloroforma on DeviantArt

There's something with no recorded fatalities that could, to some degree, sedate them, but it might not make them all that inclined to get out of their bunker. Where is the rescuer relative to the damsel? As grendel pointed out, things that drop people very quickly also tends to kill them. The chloroform had worn off but she still felt sedated.
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I don't know what possessed me to attempt to read it A while back I had a poll that asked how effective the best gag could be. Mark Twain was a great writer. An interesting soundbite from wikipedia: In as a direct result of the criminal reputation chloroform had gained, the medical journal Lancet offered a "permanent scientific reputation" to anyone who could demonstrate "instantaneous insensibility" using chloroform,[30] and no such demonstration has been forthcoming. The large handkerchiefs easily being tied in or over a woman's mouth and the small ones are typically just barely large enough to be tied in a woman's mouth.
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Although it isn't that fast working, the advantage is that you can give it to someone, and they wont know that they have had it and so won't have any reason to be alarmed, untill at some point, for no apparent reason they don't have a clue who they are :D. What do you think of my ensemble? The zipper had a large ring on it that made every guy want to grab it and pull it all the way down. The book is a curiosity to me, it is such a pretentious affair, and yet so "slow," so sleepy; such an insipid mess of inspiration. She continued to hold the cloth on the now limp Jennifer for almost a minute. Like this a lot! Well, Haruhi seemed to get into it, so maybe she did.
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